Yongxin Liu


The researches focus on deep-sea carbon cycle through materials technology.


P.h. D. Student in Marine Chemistry                                                                            2022-Current
Ocean University of China (OUC)
Advisors: Prof. Rui Bao
M.S., in Material Science                                                                                               2019-2022
Nanjing Tech University (NJTECH)
Advisors: NA. Wei Huang
B.E., in Pharmacy                                                                                                            2015-2019
Mudanjiang Medical University


The New Student Scholarship, NJTECH, 2019
The Special Scholarship, NJTECH, 2020&2021
Jiangsu Province Postgraduate Research and Practice Innovation Program Project Funding, NJTECH, 2021



[1] Xiaojing Ling1, Yongxin Liu1, Danxuan Zhu, Weizhen An, Jiaying Geng, Li Lin, Changmin Yu, Ji-Fu Wei*. Colorimetric visualization of histamine secreted by basophils based on DSP-functionalized gold nanoparticles. Anal. Methods, 14(27), 2698-2702.
[2] Yongxin Liu1, Mengda Cao1, Zhongxi Huang1, Changmin Yu*, Nai-Di Yang, Qiong Wu, Ji-Fu Wei*, Li Lin*, Wei Huang. Ultrasensitive detection of IgE levels based on magnetic nanocapturer linked immunosensor assay for early diagnosis of cancer. Chin. Chem. Lett., 2021, 10.1016/j.cclet.2021.08.117.
[3] Mengda Cao1, Yongxin Liu1, Chen Lu1, Miao Guo, Lin Li, Changmin Yu*, Ji-Fu Wei*. Ultrasensitive detection of specific IgE based on nanomagnetic capture and separation with AuNP-anti-IgE nanobioprobe for signal amplification, Anal. Methods, 2021, 13(22), 2478-2484.
[4] Xisi Han1, Mengda Cao1, Bicong Zhou1, Changmin Yu*, Yongxin Liu, Bo Peng, Ling Meng, Ji-Fu Wei*, Lin Li*, Wei Huang. Specifically immobilizing His-tagged allergens to magnetic nanoparticles for quantitative detection of allergen-specific IgE and high-throughput allergy diagnostics, Talanta, 2020, 219, 121301.