Yipeng Wang

ORCID: 0009-0005-3997-0287
Tel: +86 15396992497


Paleoclimate, Paleoceanography; Marine carbon cycle; Organic geochemistry



P.h. D. Student in Marine Chemistry                                                                 2022-Current
Ocean University of China (OUC)
Advisors: Prof. Rui Bao
M.S., in Marine Science                                                                                       2019-2022
JiangSu Ocean University (JOU)
Advisors: Prof. Rui Zhang
B.E., in Marine Technology                                                                                 2015-2019
JiangSu Ocean University (JOU)


Honours / Awards

  • Outstanding Graduates, JOU, 2022
  • National scholarship for Postgraduate, China, 2021
  • The First Prize Scholarship, JOU, 2021
  • Model Student of Academic Records, JOU, 2021
  • The Third Prize Scholarship, JOU, 2020
  • Advanced Individual, JOU, 2020
  • The First Prize Scholarship, JOU, 2019



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[2] Yipeng Wang, Rui Zhang*, Tiegang Li*, et al. The relationship between volcanism and global climate changes in the Tropical Western Pacific over the mid-Pleistocene transition: Evidence from mercury concentration and isotopic composition. Science of The Total Environment, 2022, 823, 153482.
[3] Yipeng Wang, Rui Zhang*, Tiegang Li*, et al. Source Identification of brGDGTs in the Surface Sediments of the East China Sea. Frontiers in Earth Science, 2022, 9, 796539.
[4] Yipeng Wang, Rui Zhang*, Tiegang Li*, et al. Source apportionment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and black carbon at the western coastal areas of the Yellow Sea based on isotopic signatures. Ecological Indicators, 2021, 127, 107725.
[5] Yipeng Wang, Tiegang Li*, Rui Zhang*, et al. Fingerprinting characterization of sedimentary PAHs and black carbon in the East China Sea using carbon and hydrogen isotopes. Environmental Pollution, 2020, 267, 115415.

[6]Wenlong Pei, Yipeng Wang, Xinliang Wang, Jiayue Wang, Rui Zhang, Tiegang Li, James Russell, Fan Zhang, Zhiyong Liu, Minglei Guan, Qi Han, Chenyang Tian, Shaojie Li, High-resolution records of sea surface temperature and salinity in the East China Sea over the past 14.2 kyr: Implication from alkenone and its hydrogen isotopes, Global and Planetary Change, 2023, 104099,

[7]Wenlong Pei, Jiayue Wang, Xinling Wang, Liang Du, Yipeng Wang, Yujin Fan, Rui Zhang*, Tiegang*, James Russell, Fan Zhang, Xiaoxiao Yu, Zhiyong Liu, Minglei Guan, Qi Han, Late Pleistocene zinc isotopic indices of paleoproductivity variations in the tropical West Pacific, Catena, 2023, 228: 107128.