Our third Nature Communications paper is published!

Our new paper is accepted by Nature Communications, with Mengfan Chu as leading author and Prof. Bao as corresponding author. Congratulations!
In this paper, we present the first exciting results of the latest IODP Expedition 386 in the Japan Trench. It is also the first comprehensive dissolved carbon dataset of the sediment interstitial water in the hadal trenches.

Citation: Mengfan Chu, Rui Bao*, Michael Strasser, Ken Ikehara, Jez Everest, Lena Maeda, Katharina Hochmuth, Li Xu, Ann McNichol, Piero Bellanova, Troy Rasbury, Martin Koelling, Natascha Riedinger, Joel Johnson, Min Luo, Christian März, Susanne Straub, Kana Jitsuno, Morgane Brunet, Zhirong Cai, Antonio Cattaneo, Kanhsi Hsiung, Takashi Ishizawa, Takuya Itaki, Toshiya Kanamatsu, Myra Keep, Arata Kioka, Cecilia McHugh, Aaron Micallef, Dhananjai Pandey, Jean Noël Proust, Yasufumi Satoguchi, Derek Sawyer, Chloé Seibert, Maxwell Silver, Joonas Virtasalo, Yonghong Wang, Ting-Wei Wu, Sarah Zellers. Earthquake-enhanced dissolved carbon cycles in ultra-deep ocean sediments. Nature Communications, 2023, doi:10.1038/s41467-023-41116-w
ECORD News: IODP Expedition 386: Press Release: Scientific ocean drilling discovers dynamic carbon cycling in the ultra-deep-water Japan Trench – ECORD: European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling