Mengfan Attending Two International Meetings in Europe

Mengfan Chu recently attended two international conference and workshop, contributing to the team’s global outreach and collaboration efforts.
From April 12th to 15th at Innsbruck, Mengfan participated in IODP Expedition 386 – Japan Trench Paleoseismology Stratigraphy Meeting, where IODP Expedition 386 Science Party members gathered to review and discuss event-stratigraphic correlation, age dating and modelling of stratigraphic succession recovered from the Japan Trench during IODP Expedition 386. As a representative of the BAOgeoscience team, Mengfan showed the team’s latest data and engaged in discussions about age dating methods and future plans.

Stratigraphy Meeting at University of Innsbruck

Following this, Mengfan joined the EGU24 General Assembly, a premier event in the Earth sciences community at Vienna. With over 20,000 registered attendees from 116 countries, the assembly provided a platform for Mengfan to learn about cutting-edge research and network with peers worldwide. Notably, Mengfan had the opportunity to meet with Prof. Timothy Eglinton from ETH Zurich, a long-term collaborator of the BAOgeoscience team, to exchange ideas and strengthen collaborative ties.

Prof. Timothy Eglinton and Mengfan

Mengfan’s participation highlights our team’s commitment to global collaboration and advancing Earth sciences. We look forward to future gathering and collaborations!