Field works

•IODP Expedition 386 Japan Trench Paleoseismology, 2022.

• NORC2021-582-2, South China Sea, R/V Dongfanghong3, 2022.

• NORC2021-582-1, West Pacific, R/V Dongfanghong3, 2021.

• Japan Trench Paleoseismology, IODP 386, R/V Kaimei, 2021.

IODP 386 (Left: R/V Kaimei. Right: Onboard scientitsts working.)

• Opening of South China Sea, IODP 349, R/V JOIDES Resolution, 2014.

IODP 349 (Left: Rui Bao, organic geochemist, Chuanlun Zhang, Geomicrobiologiest, Jian Lin, Co-Chief Scientist).

• Organic carbon cycle, 973 project, East China Sea, R/V Dongfanghong II, 2013.

East China Sea, sampling!

• Investigating the life in the hydrothermal vent, Juan de Fuca Ridge expedition, R/V Atlantis & ROV Jason, 2011.

Wonderful time in Seattle!