Congratulations! Our paper is accepted by Marine Pollution Bulletin!

Our paper is accepted by Marine Pollution Bulletin!The first author is our MS, Danxu Guo. Congratulations!
In this paper, we examined the vertical distribution of PFASs in sediment cores located in Shenzhen Bay area over a 65-year period (1955 to 2020) and studied the influence of PFASs fluxes and human activities.
How to cite: Danxu Guo, Yang Zhou, Fang Chen*, Zimin Wang , Haoshuai Li, Nan Wang, Huayang Gan , Shuhong Fang**, Rui Bao**. Temporal variation of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) abundances in Shenzhen Bay sediments over past 65 years. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2023.